Welcome Aboard To Luxury Drive And Stay In Campervans

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Traveling should never be dull or tiring, but it should be fun and a chance to spend pleasant times with friends or family, and nature. The mere mention of traveling or camping can bring loving smiles and excitement on the face of campers, but at the same time it also brings the sense of planning travel and stay. Leave all the planning stress to Campervans, as they can take care of all the requirements for a camping trip. Do not worry, if you do not have a campervan of your own as you can easily get a Campervan on rent.

Campervan has become a preferred mode of travel and stay for vacationers. This mode of transport is a high end luxury and convenience for the traveler. Almost all the possible amenities and luxuries come fully packed in a campervan. Providing best of convenience to stop, sleep, relax, store, and take along the camping necessities as these recreational vehicles are must, for a fun filled holidays. One such reputed and reliable campervan provider is campervan hire Australia. They provide luxurious and high standard motor-homes for rent to all their customers. Even a basic campervan provides 5 star luxury to the traveler and is suitable for a minimal 5-6 passengers. A traveler can select his campervan according to the requirement, number of people, the standards required and budget.

Nowadays, hiring Campervans for holidays, field work or leisure is an increasing trend. People do not mind paying for a private high-end luxury vehicle that travels with them according to their will and comfort. The well designed, and spacious sleeping area is the main catch of these recreational homes. Often called berth, the sleeping area is convertible according to the number and age group of travelers. The sleeping berth is the main asset for the traveler, who does not have to worry about relaxing or sleeping on long distance camping or traveling.

Other facilities or areas of a campervan include kitchen, toilets, shower room, bedroom, and dining area. All these areas complete and provide comfort living within these motor-homes. The kitchen area comprises of all the cooking essentials, like kitchenware, utensils, oven, sink and storage area. A camper can practically cook, grill and enjoy his meals and have fun with friends and family. Even the bathroom and toilet areas are separate so that the travelers do not create chaos for separate use. The dining area is equally charming and practical and convertible for dining-in or out of the van. High end and ultra-luxurious van will also have a lounge or living area with bars and TV area to give extra comfort and feel of a home. Almost all the campervans have basic facilities, like TV, CD players, satellite navigation, refrigerator, cleaners, fire extinguishers, hairdryers, crockery, oven, first aid kit, and much more. Some travelers also need generator sets, cycle racks, barbecue, outdoor tables and chairs, which they can hire by paying an extra amount.

Renting a home on the wheels is worth any cost as it is packed with high end comforts, but not with campervan hire Australia. The rentals are small-sized in front of the comforts, flexibility and independence to drive and stay back in the campervan. Rent a campervan for enjoying high-end luxury on the wheels.

Learn Those Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Australia

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Australia is a magnificent and diverse land that can surprise the entire world with its unpredictable diversity, size, heritage, weather and assets. It has inherent stereotypes, like Vegemite, strines, etc. The geographical diversity comprises of snowy Alps, soggy wet tropics, white sand and central desert, which are simply remarkable. Blessed with surprises, along with contradictions there are many Interesting facts you didn’t know about Australia, but will know, now!

Many of us didn’t have a chance yet to visit Australia, so it is natural that we still don’t know about the Australian Heritage Sites. Remarkably, Australia has nineteen UNESCO, natural and cultural Heritage Sites. These includes Sydney Opera House, Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens, Australian Convict Sites, Tasmania, Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Coast, Lord Howe Island Group, Riversleigh’s Fossil Mammal Sites, Naracoorte and many more.

Further, the Western side of Australia stands 10th in the entire world in terms of area. It has a 4,334 km, which takes a 46 hour trip to travel on national route 1 from Esperance to Kununurra (northwest Coastal Highway).

The endemic wildlife, mainly the platypus, is crazy and venomous. The Australian kangaroos are worth mention here, which are their heritage and pride. The other odd platypus group includes wombats, echindas, quolls, and goannas. Worth mentioning is their semi-aquatic egg-laying mammals, like duck-billed, otter foot, beaver-tailed venomous marine mammal. Australian endemic conditions create rich fauna and flora, which makes it invasion dromedary camels.

Surprisingly for many, despite being an arid state, South Australia is the manufacturer of a large quantity of wine. Barossa and Clare Valley are the main participants in this league. Not only the wine, but Australian 4 famous restaurants are amongst the world’s top 100 restaurants. Australian hotels also provide finest ambience and stay there can be simply exuberant. Eco Escape Paradise Bay Whitsundays Resort, Duxton Hotel Perth, Hotel Hobart Henry James Art, Melbourne Langham Hotel and Westin Sydney Hotel in Australia are amongst the worlds finest and paradise hotels.

Now, once you all know about these surprising facts, you must get yourself ready to travel on your expedition to Australia!

Explore Beautiful Melbourne In Your Next Australian Holidays

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People think that Australia is a land of red deserts, crocodile-infested rivers, shimmering salt pans, but it has another side, which is the main attraction for local tourists. There is yet another side of Australia that remains unexplored by most of us and that are wooded hillsides, mist-shrouded lakes, and the Spa’s around Melbourne that are divine places to explore on your next, Australian holidays.

History had witnessed considerable advent of Europe, while visiting this side of Australia. The Gold miners in 1850s visited this Great Dividing Range and brought business to the country. Apart from the business, undulating landscape also reminded them about North Italy and Ticino region of Switzerland. Later these gold miners’ settled on small farms for orchards, olives, grapes, olives and lavender.

The descendents also bring the native fare that includes, smoked eel, sausages and prosciutto. The Macedon Ranges are popular to produce pinot noir, Cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and the Riesling. These hard-working settlers shortly realized that they were the owners of a remarkable asset of the mineral spring, and the most famous is the Spa and Hepburn Bathhouse that opened in 1899. This alluring old Victorian asset is a forest reserve, located on the outskirts of Hepburn Springs that offers renovated, and ultra-modern facilities.

A lot of locals in Melbourne visit these exquisite spas on weekends and enjoy the pampering along with some organic and delicious lunch or dinner in their exotic in-house restaurants. Wine lovers can also taste superior wines available in the famous wine cellar that includes Old and New World wine.

These days, the tourist wants to spend their Australian Holidays in the hillside and mystique spas. The European-style spas come with a number of mineral bath pools, steam bedrooms and salt therapy spots. The signature spa provides a sizzling bath in vitamin baths, which will aim to enhance circulation, loosen up the body and clean the brain.

Welcome To Melbourne

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Melbourne is the sort of cultural cocktail that is five parts elegance, five parts soul, served with a dash of pizzazz seven days a week. Strong on history and heritage, the city is a hub of theatre, art, festivals, movies and music, fine food, elegant fashion and lots of sports.

One notices harmony between nature and urban development. There are wide beaches that beckon visitors, a vast bay stretching further than the eye can see, hills, forests, and rich wine country. And there is the Yarra River. Melbourne was born on the banks of the river and the stories have always been closely intertwined. Seeing the city from the river offers a whole new perspective and one can take leisurely cruises up stream or down on anything from passenger ferries to Venetian gondolas and luxury cabin cruises.

Melbourne is more action packed than any other Australian city. Formula 1, Australian open, Cricket, Australian rugby and much more, it is the race that stops a nation….. More then anything else, it is this wide variety of attractions that make the city what it is- a bustling, urban melting pot. You can’t take the city by surprise because of the fact that it is always providing memories around every corner.

With the setting sun comes a different Melbourne. One that brooks no excuses for staying home, away from the swinging restaurants, cabarets and night clubs, where good, easy fun comes naturally. The brightest lights, biggest games, and headiest atmosphere are to be found in the Crown Entertainment complex.

People don’t seem to talk much about it but lost somewhere in the sporting activity and ballets and things, is some incredible wining and dining, ala Australian style. Melbourne is a ‘cut and come again’ magic pudding and its people explore food and appreciate its familiarity while searching for new ways to indulge.

What people do talk about here is the shopping, and it’s certainly worth a shout or two. It isn’t so much what you buy but the way you buy it, and the surroundings in which every thing is set. A fashion center since 19th century, Melbourne continues to set standards in customer service,. Move around, shop and explore at leisure.

The city awaits its visitors. It stays wide-awake even in the dead of night and its soul and spirit are there for all to see. This is no place for the bashful, certainly no place for the staid visitor who likes his sightseeing with the help of a guidebook and map. This is the kind of place where they encourage asking for directions, seeking advice on the best place to eat, or any conversation that touches in the city and its fortunes.

So, keep talking, mate….