Whenever I get vacations, I didn’t know where to spend, but now I got a very beautiful place for me to enjoy these weekends. Vietnam is a beautiful city with lot of colors in it. This place is famous for the natural setting like one can find the Red River Delta and Mekong Delta that cover its north and south region respectively. It also contains dense forest area, soar mountains, and divine beaches that attracts every visitor.

I went to Vietnam in summers because that there is no particular season to go, as this country remains sunny throughout the year. But it harmed my pocket because the hotels were too crowded and most of the services were not available for everyone, still I was lucky and got a place in a cheap hotel. Then I decided to go to Mui Ne Beach, which is the famous attraction for tourists and amazed me a lot.

After that, I went to Ba Be National Park that covers around 56,800 acres area and a beautiful rainforest of the region that fascinated me with its waterfalls, and valleys. Then I took an expedition to Mariamman Hindu Temple, which is devoted to the goddess Mariamman and is a sacred place for Vietnamese and Chinese. This place provided me with a cool and calm atmosphere to spend some hours in devotion to God.

After the temple, I went to the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City that displays remains of various periods.

I wanted to by some gifts for my near and dear ones, so I then moved towards the Bac Ha market where I found so many articles that made me confused what to buy. When I reached there, it was too much crowded. I was already instructed to take the earplugs with me so I took them to avoid the echoing from the loudspeakers.

There were so many sights left for excursion but due to less time, I decided to go back and promised myself to come again and finish the rest.