Niagara, Falls, WaterHistorically, Niagara Falls was known for being a honeymoon destination. The falls have even been likened to a bride because the cascading water flow is similar in appearance to a bride’s veil. Despite its romantic nature, there is an abundance of attractions for those just wanting a unique weekend getaway, with many attractions opening each year. The Niagara Falls Hotel Association not only showcases the finest hotels with the best view of the falls, it also encourages the redefinition of Niagara Falls.

Clifton Hill

Completely off the beaten trail, the area located near Clifton Hill boasts wax museums, amusement parks, haunted houses and the renowned Nightmares Fear Factory. Originally a coffin factory, the original owner Abraham Mortimer was taunted by young kids who constantly played pranks on the old man, which eventually led to his accidental death within the factory. Over 120,000 people have been too scared to complete this walk-through tour.


Boasting some of the areas finest hiking trails, the Niagara Glen is located only five miles from Niagara Falls, with the peak overlooking the whirlpool. There are also ideal bouldering spots if you are an avid rock climber. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the sounds of the falls without the crowds.

Jet Boat Whirlpool

Experience the falls in an entirely different way. A 1500 horsepower jet boat takes you upstream to the whirlpool near the falls in class six rapids. The driver takes you on a thrill ride doing 360 degree turns directly in the center of the Devil’s Hole. The Wet Jet ensures you will get soaked, experiencing the falls first hand, while the Jet Dome will keep you dry and more protected.


With the recent upswing of hotels and non-traditional tourists have sparked a new nightlife in Niagara Falls. Connected to Sheraton on the Falls Hotel and the Niagara Falls Crowne Plaza Hotel, Casino Niagara is a massive arena for table games and slot machines, as well as an impressive entertainment area.