If you have ever watched the “Ocean’s Eleven” movie series starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt, you know a lot already about what it takes to run a top dollar luxury Las Vegas hotel-casino. It is a constant challenge to maintain a reputation for fame and luxury in a city where each hotel-casino is constantly trying to outdo its competitors. While some hotel-casinos enjoy a brief moment in the limelight, others have created enduring names for themselves. As well, if you are shopping for the best travel prices on http://www.expedia.com/Las-Vegas-Hotels.d178276.Travel-Guide-Hotels you can learn more about many well-known hotel-casinos and choose your favorite.

The Sin City Top Five

Here is a brief overview of the five most famous hotel-casinos in Las Vegas.

  • The Bellagio. The Bellagio is the five-star hotel-casino that was featured in the “Ocean’s Eleven” movie series. The Bellagio is not just famous in Las Vegas but worldwide for its high standard of luxury and elegance. Its free water and light shows attract tourists from other hotel-casinos and all over the world.
  • The MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) Grand. The MGM Grand roaring lion is known to anyone who loves television and movies. This five-star hotel-casino resort stands as an enduring tribute to Hollywood movies and movie stars.
  • Caesar’s Palace. Caesar’s Palace is one of the oldest hotel-casinos in Las Vegas as well as one of the most famous. Evel Knievel’s inaugural motorcycle jump over the hotel’s roaring fountains was death-defying in earnest, and set the tone for the future of entertainment at Caesar’s Palace. Later Frank Sinatra became its most famous regular guest.
  • The Wynn Las Vegas. Steve Wynn is the famous designer behind The Wynn Las Vegas. This gorgeous five-star hotel was designed to offer vacationers “the best of Las Vegas.” Featuring original works of art by Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh, The Wynn even has its own interior golf course contained within its famous bronze tower.
  • The Mirage. The Mirage built its reputation when it was announced the hotel-casino was the most expensive Las Vegas project in history. The Mirage cost more than $630 million to build. This cost included windows tinted with real gold. Historically, The Mirage was also the first hotel built through the use of Wall Street junk bond money, making it a magnet for vacationing historians.

You can’t go wrong with a stay at any of these luxurious, famous and historically significant Las Vegas hotels-casinos.